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5 most important steps for being happy each day

Being happy, gosh yes! That's what we want all day, every day. It's not complicated to increase your level of happiness every day. You can start right now by implementing the below simple 5 steps  into your daily life. If that sounds too much for you, just keep it slow and go step by step which might be easier to start with. So, here are the simple and amazing steps for your happy day.

1.) Waking up earlier

I know, this one sounds pretty challenging. I am not advising you to wake up at 4am or 5am or before sunrise. It all depends on you and if you just start with 10 minutes earlier than usual tomorrow, it will already help your day to be happier. Why? Because you have more time. 10 minutes more. These ten minutes can either slow your hectic morning routine down or it can give you ten minutes for relaxing before you head to work or ten minutes to do some yoga. If you get in ease with the ten minutes, try to increase it to fifteen minutes.

2.) Thinking of the most amazing events of the day when waking up

This could be your appointment with your best friend or it could be the ice cream you are planning to buy after doing grocery shopping. Simply take a minute or so to image how good you will feel during that event. What things you will laugh about with your friend, how will the taste of ice cream be on your tongue?

3. ) Surround yourself with happy people

Our colleagues at work complaining about their manager? Your neighbor complaining about the weather and also your friend just sent you a message complaining about everything. Well, obviously if you only hear negative stories and are surrounded by people spreading negativity instead of happiness and positivity how are you going to be happy then? Attitudes are contagious - positive as well as negative. Imagine yourself in the supermarket and the cashier is smiling at you, wishing you a good day ahead. Chances that you will smile back at her and leave the supermarket in good mood are pretty high. However, now imagine yourself paying at a grumpy cashier, telling you a bit harsh that he doesn't have change for your big bill. Exactly, chances are high your mood will immediately change to negative, unhappy, sad maybe angry just because of his behavior towards you. Therefore, avoid the negative people around you. If someone starts spreading negativity, go away, try to change the topic whatever, but don't get into his mood.

4.) Exercise daily

Yeah, that's quite a tough point for many of us. Even for me. I don' want you do go out running every day or hike a mountain, do some weights. Begin small. You can do small steps to increase your happiness and they are up to your level. If you are a really lazy and sport hating person, start by using the stairs instead of the lift or park your car a bit further away from the office or supermarket entrance than you usually do. DO some stretching or yoga (plenty of videos on Youtube will show you how). It's the small steps that count and trust me, you will definitely feel satisfied with yourself and happy after doing these little changes in your life.

5.) Gratitude before sleeping

When going to bed, take yourself just three minutes to reflect on all the beautiful things that happened today and you were grateful for. Did your boss give you a compliment for your work done? Did the sun shine all day long? Did you only have green traffic lights on the way to work today? Did your first time cooked dinner came out so super tasty? Were you and your loved ones healthy? There are so many things each day to be grateful for. Just let them all come to your mind again before sleeping and I promise you that you will have a very peaceful sleep.

These are the 5 simple and most important steps that made my daily life much better. Did you start following them? Which one was the easiest for you? Which one made the biggest change in your life so far? Share you feedback!

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